About MIL

Medical Innovation Labs is a convener. Solving significant healthcare problems requires collaboration from disparate parties with often completely different directives. Successful commercialization only occurs when all stakeholders operate in harmony. We are dedicated to helping facilitate the healthcare innovation process.

Medical Innovation Labs invests in the development and commercialization of cutting-edge healthcare technologies with a focus on those that will have the greatest societal impact.

Medical Innovation Labs commercializes breakthrough medical and clinical research, translating discoveries and inventions into products that meaningfully improve patient care.

Our company thrives on creating simple solutions to long-standing problems. However, achieving innovation in healthcare is challenging. Even breakthrough technologies must address true clinical needs… and complex regulatory pathways and significant purchasing barriers must be deftly navigated.

MIL has real-world experience in transforming ideas into products that can be commercialized to significantly impact healthcare.

Medical Innovation Labs develops its own products and works with others to advance their ideas, products, and companies. Here are a few of the ways that we are of service to those in the healthcare innovation ecosystem:
  • Healthcare Providers & Hospitals

    • Identify significant clinical problems to be solved
    • Test, develop and integrate meaningful healthcare solutions into practice
    • Help administration understand economic opportunities and  consequences of innovation
  • Researchers & Universities

    • Explore potential commercialization pathways for their healthcare research
    • Provide faculty, students and administration with real-world exposure to healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Sports Organizations

    • Foster collaboration with the local community through participation in youth safety initiatives
    • Enhance team brand by joining MIL on leading edge of
      sports innovation
  • Inventors

    • Vet ideas (clinical, IP, competitive and purchasing analyses)
    • Develop products through proof-of-concept
    • Commercialize breakthrough products